Vardan Galustyan
Showman | Host | Actor
A host with an excellent sense of humor
Facts about me
Beyond my 10-year experience
  • Celebrity
    Staring on TV Programms, serials and pop videos with Dmitriy Nagiev, Angelina Kaplan, EDGAR, Lilit, Ka-Re & Saro, Vitaliy Romanov, Timsan, Armen Babayan. Namely the serials "Active Search" (Dmitriy Nagiev), "Stripper", "The Gentelman" (2021), "Kapelnik" (2022, Ida Galich). I am the author, producer and he centra character of a popular youtube serial "Rose and Vrubel".
  • Professionalism
    More than 20 000 hours of hosting of superb weddings, original corporate events and unforgettable birthday parties
  • Excellence sense of humor
    Each guest gets individual improvisation
  • A host with an audience
    More than 110 000 subscribers in Instagram
  • Personal approach
    Every event gets an individual scenario
  • Singer
    Render a song from personal repertoire